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Omnisight: "The Power of one" Digital album on Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify - January 20th 2017 Self release. Progressive Rock band, I must say I had to listen it several time to find the right moment of mood to actually dig it. It's a beautiful album with lots of things to get into. It's difficult to put into a box since it has a very clean and soft tunes that needs attention to appreciate. For the ones who loves it prog it is just a matter of perception as the five tracks are all somehow different. The creations have been worked with a search for accomplishment to the best. The strange thing is sometimes you have the impression to listen to Tony Mc Alpine with a singer such it has techs and melodies placed at the right place. To give you an insight the influences are as far as Obsidian 55, Extreme, Soundgarden, Tool, Yes and all the bands who writes great tunes with diverse influences so you surely find your own likes. An excellent album to own and certainly a band to see live 100/100


Ruxt:"Behind the masquerade" CD December 2016 Diamonds Prod. Heavy Metal band Italy. I feel ashamed to review that awesome album I've been listening to for a while , only in January. Since it's such a perfection, Italy has a lot of great musicians and this band is completed from some you already know in different bands. They wanted to give credit to their fav bands and I can assure you it is one of the best album. 14 tracks of pure happiness and heart breaking, reminding the bands such as Whitesnake , Dio , Deep Purple etc.. believe me you won't regret it a masterpiece. Ceratinly one of the best that came at the end of the year and if you didn't get it for christmas well then I urge you to buy it and play it loud , awesome 100/100


Ancestral: " Master of Fate" CD 20 January 2017 Iron Shield Records. Power Metal/ Thrash band Italy. The label is used to have strong Thrash bands but this one is a new pearl bringing some power to it mixing those excellent Heavy Metal tunes. The cover is already kicking your brain and the music is like a storm of power and melodies. 10 tracks of pure explosion kicking your ass to mosh and headband like mad, powerfull riffs, heavy vocals you will get swallowed by this tornado. Influences varies from Helloween, Grip Inc, Eidolon, Slayer, Hammerfall, Agent Steel, Paragon... the list goes on it's so powerfull! This new year brings such great bands you can't live without owning this masterpiece killing is the name. The master will get your soul and you will just say "wow" kneel to the beast 100/100

Temple of Lies

Temple of Lies: " From Sand" CD Summer 2017 BJF Media/PR. Uk Rock/Heavy/Stoner... band. A cover that blows your mind and attracks your eyes is what we all want from an album to get attention and desire. Once you get into the music the band is hard to give a sticker to such they are mixing many music styles to groove your soul. 11 tracks flowing around heavyness and groove so live you can have a break sometimes and headbang like crazy at some point. Catchy riffs , easy funny lyrics to get you dancing and loving the band. They have a typical today's sound as much as old style one. You can catch them live this spring and buy the album this summer, it's like taste and if you like buy it so why not giving them a try you might just love them. Influences from late Metallica, Monster Magnet, some riffs from Machine Head or Dearly Beheaded.. well I told you many influences 90/100


Endolith: "Voyager" Digital release on Itunes, Spotify, Amason..self release since November 2016.Norway Industrial Metal band. If you like digital you will love this band, although they have sometimes that technical approach and sound , most intros are like techno to me , just sounds engineers like to play with. Fortunetly they have some serious Metal tracks that kick reminding the likes of Fear Factory or Messugha. So you might find your way through all this .It's cold harsh and powerfull at the same time but not for everyone 90/100

Mandy Lion's Pride

Mandy Lion's Pride: "New Age" Song 2017 self Release.USA Heavy Metal band. The Metal man is back with a brand new band and decided to give us a free song before the album gets out. Kicking song with great riffs and lyrics that speaks out about the actual world life. The rocker speaks his mind and brings some serious powerfull song that will ravish all the metalheads. A new band and new song as a new video you might have seen already with a sound from the 80's that announces a brilliant album to come. If you can hear some great riffs from Britny Fox , Accept and else most of the song is driven by a strong ACDC influences. Get your ears ringing you will have to jump on that brand new album so stay tuned 100/100

Nash BC

Nash BC: " Burning Babylon" CD 9 December 2016 ROCKSHOTS Records. Greece Rock/Metal band. Another band I've been listening cos it's good rocking and forgot to review on time but you will like it as much as I do. Some great solos reminding Zack Wilde in Ozzy, Skid Row , Pretty Maid, Alice Cooper... it fukin rocks and the cover sets it all. A brilliant album that will get many fans from rock to Metal lovers just get that masterpiece. 100/100


Skyline: "Nowhere here" CD 23 September 2016 ROCKSHOTS Records. USA Pop/Rock band. An album very soft and emotional with a video pretty good for the teen movies.Reminding sometimes the 80's top of the pop charts and still actuals on medias. Great sound that sticks in your head from the start. Easy listening if you want to rest with some tunes in your headphone this is the right album for you. It's a no brainer relaxing music 90/100

Damage Limit

Damage Limit: "Crank" CD 2017 Secret Entertainment Records .Finnish Hard Rock / punk band. With line up changes the guys managed to find the right musicians to complete the band, a cover reminding Detente but nothing related to the music it is just the 80's punk image we used to know. The row sound and rocking music brings us back to those times of dancing tunes yet enough kicking to get the kids moving. 7 songs to get you rocking and having great fun.I cannot really find the inspiration although the band love Hanois Rock and Metallica the music is just pure rock n roll with this nasty sound that make it real. A great album to own to shake your butty 96/100

Burn out wreck

Burn Out Wreck: "Swallow" single CD 2017 BJF Media. UK Hard Rock band. Mother's ruin singer Gary and ex drummer for Heavy Pettin has decided to get a brand new band. He releases a song to give an insight of what his new album will sound. THis is pure Hard Rock and getting you back to the late seventies with a voice closed to Bon Scott ! It's obvious he is a big fan of ACDC and well difficult to get a deeper thinking as the tunes really spills the soul of the mighty band. A brilliant creation with a powerfull sound. Get ready for a smashing album to break your ears or Rock 100/100


Blutzuker: "Analog Blog" Digital Ep self release orginally Dec 2015 available Itunes, Amazon etc.... German Metal band. After playing in an Electro band and bass in a Thrash band, Ben released a 4tracks Metal EP. The cover reminds Guns n roses reprint first album but has nothing to do with the music. His voice closed to Lemmy Motorhead and Tom Sodom mixed with different elements from Metal riffs. You will get a song you love for sure in his creations from Hard Rock riffs to speed Black Metal each song is a story and can get you easilly. Ben having project of book and acting he might make a complete album in the futur in the meantime get that ep to rock your spirit 90/100

Fueled Hate

Fueled Hate: "March of the pigs" CD 25th of February 2017 Attic Records. Thrash Punk .A cover that is smashed and hard to distinguish. The music is groovy and rockin. Raw sound with riffs reminding Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies, Gwar, Faith No More...all this in harmony of rappy vocals. You like it or not.90/100

Habitual Sins

Habitual Sins: "Personal Demons" CD 20th January 2017 Pure Steel Records. USA Heavy Metal band. Powewrfull album from veterans musicians getting you back in the 80's Heavy/Thrash sound. Awesome guitar riffs and vocals that sometimes reminds you Metal Church 's singer or Leather Leone 's Chastain. 10 songs that kick and catch your soul 'till the end. The lyrics are telling stories and songs like "when the inquisition comes" or even "The prince of Wallachia" gets you deep into the album 's awesomeness. A great album to own that will get a wild audience. 99/100


witchunter: "Back on the Hunt " CD 2017 Pure Steel Records. Italy Heavy Speed Metal band. An album that came out in 2016 and repressed by Pure Steel for their signing with the band. This is an excellent band as most of this country.Mixing the 80's from Judas Priest, Suicidal tendencies, Motorhead... a bit of 90's such as Honey For Christ for their influences mixed giving the band a personal touch with an amazing sound.Speed, heavy riffs they got all the great component that makes this album one of the best such it is getting back to the roots of Heavy Metal. I love it get that masterpiece before it's too late. 100/100

red reign

Red Reign: Self Titled 2016 - 2017. Us Melodic Rock / Hard Rock band. The band got signed and their album is repressed for a better worldwide audience since they got signed recently. The band has a great potential and his already on top of the charts for their awesome album that reaches all the boundaries between rock and metal. A singer that has a melodic voice and awesome singing capabitilites brings the songs in higher range giving that album a lift in the air. A sound on their own we call originality making nearly impossible to classify such the influences varies among musical pleasure. At some point it make me think of Cock Robin who rocked the 80's and sometimes the 7à's with Van Halen jazy riffs grooving it all. Some solos will make you think of Dokken 's Georges Lynch, melodies from WHitelion, Warrant, Kings X, Poison, Motley Crue or even the Scorpions. Sometimes Heavy guitars bringing it a heavier touch kinda Hydrogyn.. well you will find your pleasure in that album such it has many ways of getting your attention and brings joy to your ears a brilliant album 100/100

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